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What's New

Check out the lates Urban Lengends below. At Snoopes, we pride ourselves on debunking the spurious, the specious and the obvious.

  Is Obama a Pumpkin?  
  • An email makes claims about the Senator's pulpy interior
  •   Thirst  
  • Actual sensation, or corporate hydration conspiracy?
  •   Best Buy  
  • Really the best?
  •   Fingers Crossed, Legs Open
  • Does having vaginal intercourse mean losing your technical virginity?
  •   Thin Stripes
  • Did the New York Yankees adopt pinstripes to conceal Babe Ruth's pregnancy?
  •   McCainosaurus  
  • Did John McCain survive POW confinement in Vietnam and a meteor strike in the Yucatan Peninsula?
  •   Tiny
  • Accurate nickname?
  •   Sharp Consonants
  • We look at the belief that swallowing glass improves diction.
  •   Deep Hoax
  • Did someone insert flash frames of Mickey Mouse into a porno?
  •   Social Security
  • Email claims there is an elaborate system set up by the government to help retirees.
  •   Optimistic Unicorn
  • Essay attributed to a unicorn tells Americans that economic indicators are positive.
  •   Starvation Art
  • An internet petition targets a dictator who reportedly starved his nation as part of a performance art piece.
  •   Egg-Scuse Me
  • Was Humpty Dumpty a man-egg hybrid, as portrayed in the artwork accompanying his rhyme?

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